OptiFlex® Knee CPM Machine

OptiFlex Knee CPM machine
OptiFlex Knee CPM Machine

This is the latest and greatest OptiFlex® Knee CPM machine on the market. It features several new innovations, including:

  • Progressive Range of Motion – Eliminates the need for time consuming adjustments that interrupt rehabilitation time.
  • Oscillation Zone™ – Allows the patient to spend more time in the working ROM by automating and replicating the recognized benefits of Active Physical Therapy protocols.
  • Fast Back – With the Fast Back™ mode activated, the knee spends more time in the working ROM by accelerating through the non-working ROM.
  • Comfort Zone – The Comfort Zone™ button adresses the patient’s threshold for pain by providing therapy at a reduced flexion angle limit.

OptiFlex® Knee CPM Machine Features:

  • Content sensitive help and a multiple language interface
  • Back-lit display and buttons provide maximum visibility in low light conditions
  • Hyperextension (-10°) to full knee flexsion (120°)
  • Lightweight, only 28 pounds
  • Overall lengthof 37 inches
  • built-in carrying handle
  • Meets requirements of UL, CSA and CE for safety and EMC
  • High-quality, easy to attach patient kit

Click here for the OptiFlex Knee CPM User Manual

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