Therm-X Available in Anchorage

Therm-X Pro and AT

Therm-X is a unique, AC powered device that provides a variety of therapy methods, including hot, cold, a combination of hot and cold, and compression therapy.
therm-x main unit
Localized thermal therapy is ideal for treating injuries that occur after surgical procedures, while cryo and compression therapy is excellent for relieving pain and edema symptoms. The Pro model allows for DVT prophylaxis treatment as well. Both thermal therapy machines are recommended for professional use only.

No Maintenance Required

Therm-X is perfect for rehab facilities, hospitals, outpatient clinics, athletic training facilities, and home settings (under the supervision of licensed healthcare professionals).
These devices do not need constant maintenance and restocking like ice machines, and the full range of temperature settings eliminates the need for heat and ice packs.

No need to repeatedly empty and clean the machine; only the Therm-X coolant is required to keep it in excellent working condition.

Customizable Settings

Therm-X devices can rapidly change temperatures due to a combination of digital temperature modules, several fans, and liquid-cooled radiators. Their settings are user-friendly and easy to adjust, allowing professionals to customize sessions while closely monitoring temperature and compression levels.


  • Incorporates cold, heat, contrast, and compression therapy in one compact, portable machine
  • Ideal for individuals who are suffering from post-surgical injuries, pain, or swelling due to excess fluids
  • Eliminates the need for ice and heat packs with the device's customizable settings and consistent temperature controls
  • Temperatures range from 34-110°F and treatment cycles last up to 100 minutes
  • Dimensions: 10” x 9” x 15”

Therm-X brochure pdf