Bledsoe Arc 2.0

Shoulder Brace in Anchorage

Rapid Recovery in Anchorage sells cradle arm slings in adult sizes.

Breg/Bledsoe's ARC 2.0 shoulder brace molds to each patient's torso to provide customized shoulder migration control and immobilization.

Arc 2.0Post-op positions vary; therefore the aluminum support can be positioned in a variety of ways including: 0° to full internal rotation, up to 70° external rotation and up to 45° abduction.

Our signature aluminum waistband is moldable to each patient’s unique torso shape and prevents anterior migration that is common with shoulder braces. The ARC 2.0 universal sling design folds to fit every patient with one brace – right or left, football player or gymnast.

The ARC 2.0 features 2.0 material for maximum breathability and comfort. 2.0 material captures moisture and moves it away from the skin to another layer of fabric for quick evaporation, drying the skin 4x faster than typical breathable materials.

Possible HCPCS Code: L3960*

  • Features

    • Universal sling design to fit every patient with one brace
    • Unique pistol grip adjusts with quick-pull tabs and keeps the arm from migrating forward out of the sling
    • Optional underarm strap relieves pressure on the neck for larger patients and patients positioned in external rotation
    • One-hand buckles ease patient reapplication
    • Cold therapy cutout in the sling
  • Indications

    • For non-surgical or post-operative support and immobilization of the injured shoulder when varying degrees of internal rotation, external rotation and abduction are required
    • Brace positions include gunslinger, neutral plane, external rotation and statue of liberty

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