Game Ready* Cold Therapy Anchorage

Rapid Recovery carries Game Ready* Cold Therapy in Anchorage. 

Rapid Recovery is a Game Ready* cold therapy equipment provider in Anchorage who understands your desire for a quick and effective recovery after an injury or surgery. Your athletic pursuits and Alaska’s outdoor activities require you to be in peak condition. For many Alaskans, quality of living and independence is the only concern. From reaching the top of Mt. McKinley to reaching the top shelf in your own pantry, Game Ready* can assist you in your health and healing goals. We are the place to get your Game Ready* rehabilitation equipment in Anchorage.

Rest, ice, compression and elevation (aka, the RICE regimen) have become a standard practice to treat injury and assist in rehabilitation after a surgery. However, the cold and compression aspects of the rehabilitation process can be difficult to maintain. That’s why, according to the manufacturers of Game Ready*, many athletes and medical professionals use the Game Ready* system. It automatically controls the application of adjustable cold and intermittent compression to the injured area of your body.  

Game Ready* rehabilitation equipment in Anchorage, Alaska 

We are a medical rehabilitation equipment provider in Anchorage  you can rely on for state of the art technology, delivered by highly educated staff members who are focused on impeccable customer service.

We offer active compression and cold therapy systems for cryotherapy, physical therapy, and rehabilitation devices for injury recovery.

Game Ready Control Unit
Cold therapy treatment in Anchorage.


Control Unit

The Game Ready* control unit will apply adjustable cold and intermittent compression to aid in healing. A large digital readout and control buttons make it easy to choose rehabilitation settings as directed by your medical professional or Game Ready* Alaska provider. The control unit is portable, allowing you to adhere to your rehabilitation program and use it wherever you go. Ice-water is housed in a rear chamber and directed through a harness to one of many comfortable wraps developed for various parts of your body.



Rapid Recovery
Rapid Recovery carries Wraps

Dual Action Wraps

Dual-Action Wraps are what make Game Ready* so effective. With built-in NASA spacesuit technology, they can simultaneously apply the adjustable cold and intermittent compression to most major joints. The wraps are form-fitting and flexible. They have been specifically developed to be used for shoulders, elbows, arm and wrists, back, hips, knees and ankles.


Whether you’re at home, visiting your Alaska cabin, or even on a long drive, Game Ready* accessories have been created to make your life easier during the healing process. You’ll come to appreciate the quality carry bag and wrap bag that will protect your crucial therapy equipment and help you transport it wherever you go. You might also require more than one type of wrap or a replacement harness. Game Ready parts and accessories easy to store, carry or replace.



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Game Ready on YouTubeSearch YouTube to learn more about the recovery capability of Game Ready* Products.

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