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Anchorage Medical Rehab Products | Medical Supply Store in Anchorage, Alaska

Rapid Recovery is a medical supply store in Anchorage that offers rehabilitation equipment such as Vasopneumatic Cold Therapy, Continuous Passive Motion machines, and compression garments. We also provide Orthotic Bracing and a wide range of Durable Medical Equipment. 

Whether you need information on compression therapy, bracing, or nerve & muscle stimulation, Rapid Recovery has the equipment and the people to keep you moving! We sell top-rated rehab equipment from leading manufacturers such as Bledsoe, Breg, Game Ready, Saunders, OptiFlex, BodyMed, Townsend/Thuasne, and more.

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Cold Therapy Treatment

Cold therapy treatment is an easy way to get relief for a short-term injury or surgery recovery. It is as easy as adding ice and water, attach the therapy pad to your body, and turn on the circulation pump.

We have many therapy pads to choose from, such as universal knee/shoulder, small or large shoulder, ankle, lumbar, and more. Click here for a complete list of cold therapy rehab equipment.

Knee CPM

A physician often prescribes a Knee CPM for knee surgery recovery. CPM stands for Continuous Passive Motion. The concept is that the knee is exercised within a programmed range of motion (extension and flexion) several times per day. The program is easy to fix, and your doctor typically defines the angles and the treatment schedule. See our Knee CPM equipment here and contact us today to get started on your recovery.