Anchorage AK Knee CPM

Anchorage AK Knee CPM

Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) physical therapy is a postoperative treatment method designed to aid recovery after joint surgery. Following joint surgery, joint motion causes pain and as a result, the patient fails to move the joint. Using a motorized device to very gradually move the joint, accelerates recovery time by decreasing soft tissue stiffness, increasing comfortable range of motion, promoting healing, and preventing the development of scar tissue. Continuous Passive Motion knee therapy moves the joint through a defined range of motion for an extended period of time. Anchorage, AK Knee CPM therapy will speed up recovery, reduce scar tissue and cause lees pain.

Patients in and around Anchorage AK using a Knee CPM device have less pain, edema and adhesion formation. Rapid Recovery Medical Services, Inc. has CPM’s for the shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and toes.

An unbeatable combination of good looks and mechanical innovation sets Spectra apart as the Knee Therapy CPM of choice. The Spectra Knee CPM is the equipment needed after knee replacement surgery.

S&N Kinetec Spectra Knee CPM:

Anchorage AK Knee CPM aids in recovery after knee surgery or replacement
Use of a Knee CPM after a total knee replacement or other knee surgery will result in a faster recovery time and reduced pain and swelling.








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