These people are AWESOME! My game ready was my saving grace after my shoulder surgery. They are very customer service oriented and attentive to the patient’s needs. I would definitely use them again and recommend them highly!

Loretta J.

Rapid Recovery has been nothing but amazing to me! I broke both my ankles and they got me two boots and have nothing but great experiences with them! I've gotten a walker scooter from them and it has been great! They know exactly what they are doing! I was in and out right away! What a great business I would say!!! Not going anywhere else!

John L.

Excellent company! They do a great job with compression stockings and billing insurance. Highly recommend.

M. Greenleaf

Great products and awesome service! They went above and beyond to help my boss recover from a recent injury. He was allowed to try out one of their recovery aids and it helped him avoid surgery. Highly recommend!

Kyona H.

Ralph TammI got my Game Ready device for my knee, from Rapid Recovery.
Incredible company! They have all these products, great products, and they have incredible service, and I recommend using them.

Ralph Tamm