Bledsoe Z-12 Adjustable OA Knee Brace

Bledsoe Z-12 AO Knee BraceThe next generation of the popular, dual-upright Z12 OA design, features an adjustable condyle building up to 6 additional degrees of correction to the brace. The Z12 is ideal for patients with an active lifestyle who may need additional support from a dual upright brace due to ligamentous instability. The new adjustable condyle will allow patients to make minor load adjustments by sliding the loading level through 5 settings. The Z12 frame is made of magnesium – our lightest-weight OA brace.

  • Low-profile frame
  • Adjustable hinge
  • Unique upper calf strapping mimmicks a finger-trap design to minimize migration
  • For specific activities, not all day wear
  • For patients with combined instability as well as mild-moderate OA
  • Not recommended for patients with abnormal amount of redundant tissue
  • OK for activities like basketball, skiing, softball, etc.
  • Not OK for contact sports like football, rugby, etc.

Frame Length: Standard 13″ for patients under 5’5″ Extended 15″ for patients 5’6″ and above

Available Options: Off the Shelf or Custom

Suggested HCFA Code: L1846 custom PDAC approved Code: L1845 OTS

For more information on the Bledsoe Z-12 Adjustable OA  knee brace click here.